I'm a clinical psychologist by profession, so it is probably not a surprise that I like to look closely at things. This is easily seen in my photography. I really like macro and close-up work, and even when I take scenic shots, I tend towards "intimate landscapes," a kind of close-up on a larger scale. I like to look closely at a part of a larger whole, exploring subject matter and detail not always apparent, or even easily visible, to the naked eye. And, those details, in turn, reveal a great deal about the larger picture.

A photographer is someone who looks at what everyone else looks at and sees what no one else sees. Photography forces me to pay attention to what is going on around me in a different way than I otherwise would. When I am able to become immersed in the process, I become a little like a child, viewing the world with fascination and amazement. Photography for me is charged with the excitement of discovery, with the possibility that at any time I might encounter something interesting or beautiful that can be captured and taken home if I just look closely enough.

I love to travel, and I seldom do so without my camera, but it is my belief and my experience that there are beautiful and interesting subjects all around us, wherever we are. We need not look to exotic places for beauty, because if we just look closely at what is around us, beauty and interest abound. It is this philosophy that is behind the name of Everyday Miracles Photography, and intrinsic in my work. I appreciate your taking the time to look at what I have found so far. Come back often. I hope you will find something you would like to take home with you.